AV Gauge & Fixture

Established in 1985, AV Gauge continues to lead the world in new solutions for conformance, validation and quality control verification. AV Gauge has grown to multiple facilities across Canada, the United States, and Mexico, employing over 300 people to meet our customer's exacting demands in their pursuits for even higher quality. We serve that pursuit with the supply of innovative design, careful construction and certification of check fixtures, gauges, and automation systems. Vertically integrated to ensure quality and timing, we empower our people to explore the latest technologies and improve our processes to satisfy our customers' needs.


We dedicate ourselves to helping employees, customers, suppliers, and communities grow in knowledge and capabilities to manufacture better products through our validation, conformance, and automation solutions.

Why choose AV Gauge?

  • Experienced & skilled associates
  • The latest in technology
  • Strong customer support & service
  • Capacity for projects of any size
  • Quality product
  • On time delivery
  • Strategically located in Canada, USA & Mexico
  • Financially stable